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Ross Sarpani is an established professional Emcee, Show Host and Sports Presenter.

Described by many as the ‘go to guy’ in Sports Events, both locally and regionally, Ross has created a name for himself for hosting the most number of sports and lifestyle events in Singapore.

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Ross started his career in hosting corporate events, local and international Galas, Trade Shows and other Special Events.

After which, Ross was entrusted to provide his expertise in the booming sports event scene in Singapore, back in 2001, where these events require tremendous injects of protocol, fun and motivational elements to the growing audience. By working closely with the relevant stakeholders and sponsors, Ross has achieved to present a perfect balance of these elements into every Sporting Event he was involved in. His unfading passion and energy, which he brings, has made him the most familiar face and voice in Singapore’s sports and lifestyle events over the years.

He portrays the same passion and energy into every corporate event he has hosted such as Dinner & Dances, Conferences, Awards, etc. His versatility is his strength that sets him apart from the others. Ross was the Chairman of the Emcee Sub-Group in Singapore Talents and Artiste Association (STAR Association) in the early years.

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